Management Team

Under the direction of our executive management team, Rising Pharmaceuticals has benefitted from many combined years of pharmaceutical, commercial, operational, strategic and financial experience. Through different disciplines, we collaborate to build new partnerships and continue development in new directions aimed at continued innovation in drug development, marketing and delivery.

  • William Kennally

    William Kennally Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Kennally was named President and Chief Executive Officer in October 2017 after serving on Aceto’s Board of Directors. Prior to Aceto...

  • Gaurav Abroal

    Gaurav AbroalChief Information Officer

    Mr. Abroal has served as Aceto’s Chief Information Officer since April 2018 and has been instrumental in the Rising SAP project...

  • Eric Schumacher

    Eric SchumacherSenior Vice President, Strategic Operations

    Mr. Schumacher joined Rising in September 2017 as Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations. He joined Rising from Teva...

  • Roger Owen

    Roger OwenSenior Vice President, Commercial Operations

    Mr. Owen joined Rising in August 2017 as Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations where he oversees supply chain...

  • Eugene Hughes

    Eugene HughesSenior Vice President, Finance

    Mr. Hughes has served as Senior Vice President, Finance for Rising Pharmaceuticals since June 2017. Prior to Rising, Mr. Hughes worked...

  • Kian Kazemi

    Kian KazemiSenior Vice President, Sales

    Mr. Kazemi has served as Rising Pharmaceuticals Senior Vice President, Sales Since August 2017. Mr. Kazemi joined us from...

  • Karthik Santhanam

    Karthik SanthanamVice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory

    Mr. Santhanam joined Rising Pharmaceuticals as Vice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory in January 2017. Mr. Santhanam ...